We (Sandra and Mardy), are a couple of auction addicts. It's the hunt for the odd, the rare, and the "I remember this from my childhood" items that keep us going back to antique, collectible, and estate auctions. We love everything we win, and we know there are others out there who would love it (them) too.

All items are used - whether they have been sitting in a china cabinet, used on the dinner table, or played with in someone's childhood, they are not new, perfect items.
Unless we are told the provenance of an antique, we do not know where the item(s) have come from. Our home is a non-smoking home, but we can't be sure of the previous owners of items.
We only wipe items down with a soft, dry cloth if needed. We do not clean items that are antique, made of any kind of material, wood, silver/silver-plate or any metal (there is always the possibility of devaluing an item by cleaning it). We also know that everybody has individual tastes/preferences on the condition of an item (especially when it comes to patina on metal), therefore, we will leave it up to you, the customer, to clean it to suit your desire.

Our prices may not reflect the 'going' price of certain china and collectibles. We price for new collectors, brick & mortar store owners/dealers, and other Etsy shop owners. We want to give the new collector an incentive to start their own collection, and the owner/dealer wiggle room to resell. If we can get a good deal, we will pass it on to you.

If there is anything you have been looking for and can't find, let us know. Maybe we can help you find it at one of our local auctions.
Feel free to email or convo us with any questions or if you just want to chat about antiques and collectibles.

Happy hunting,
Sandra and Mardy

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